Thursday, May 17, 2012


Have you ever tried to fall in love? If you did, then definitely you have already tried getting hurt. I must say that I have my fair share of what they call "HEARTACHES"!

Like a preschooler's homework, I lay here full of blemishes and smudges, in need of a good eraser.

There are the smudges of past hurts, the ones I tried to remove myself but only made it worse, the remnants of what was still remains. I scratched the pain out, tried to cover it all together, but its still there, a darkened mess on the page that is my heart. A few spots have been rubbed over so much that only a hole remains. Not even tape can fix these, they will forever remain to remind me of the errors I made, the unforgivable.

I used white out to cover the names of those who laid claim but didn't finish the work, puttin their name on the page before understanding the work that lied ahead. This can't be handed in to anyone, it's not presentable. I got it! We'll call this the "Rough Draft"!

I can take the good parts of this and start over, no mistakes, I will take my time. He will be my new page, no errors, but just in case...I still have my Handy Dandy Eraser!

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