Friday, May 18, 2012


I have lost and won at the same time...

So while walking down the street (going to the netshop that I am in now) and listening to music (Ngayo'y naririrto by Jhay-R) I thought about this matter.If love is a game there's always a winner and loser right? 

So it starts in grade school .

If you fall in love,first you lose because its a game most people don't plan to stay with someone they dated in first grade (yeah they are starting early these days.ako college na ako ng lumandi eh). So the rule is,if you fall in love you lose. The one who doesnt win because...hmmmm.. they just do (LOL) I can't explain it.But they win because maybe in their mind it was never their intention to fall in love.IT WAS JUST A GAME. 

However, if both people fall in love you both lose, however in this sense its a win win situation because the feelings are mutual.

Ties are rare right? There usually has to be a winner in every game but when theres a tie both people fall in love at the exact same time. For example "Love at first sight" thats a tie in most situations.One person falls in love with the other before the other can even know your full name.LOL.(Believe me, it happens!)

Now the biggest thing is when you can win and lose at the same time...For example even though your team might have lost the game there's always an MVP or person who was the player of the game.In a relationship this occurs when one or both people fall out of love with each other. You won if you fell out of love for two reasons...

  1.  you're no longer in love so you win by default 
  2.  you won because you were strong enough to admit it to not just yourself but your partner and in essence you prevented yourself from experiencing pain for staying in a relationship that you were not happy in.

 However, you lose because you could have gave up on something that could have been the best thing in your life.... 

The person who has a broken heart lost because they might have lost someone they imagined their future with and they are most likely still in love with the person during the time of the breakup. However, they also won because they learned from the relationship that they were in. They might not see it right away but eventually it will show up in their future relationship. 

Well it makes sense in my head. But it could just be me.hmmmmm... Well I tried.LOL
Ultimately no matter if you win or lose you always learn something from each experience.

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