Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Say Hello To Monbis Halo-halo!

Life served up with a scoop of acceptance, a topping of tolerance and sprinkles of hope is what we call "HAPPINESS".

Halo-halo has been one of my favorite desserts. It is my comfort food and it spells H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S to me. It has always been associated with the hot summer season of our country. However, this sweet refreshing dessert is just so hard to resist even during the cold rainy days. 

I am a sweet-toothed monster who is in search of the sweetest, mouth-watering and most delectable dessert and let me tell you about my first encounter with Monbis' Halo-halo.

I live in Labangon for quiet some time now and all I thought siomai and steamed rice are the only food I can devour in this place. We (cebuano) all know that Labangon is known for its famous "Siomai sa Tisa" and "Bradex Steamed Rice", but wait! They have something sweet to offer too. Monbis is a roadside food store located just right next to Bradex in  Tisa, Labangon. They offer sizzling meals, but their best seller is their ohh-so-yummy-and-ohh-so-refreshing layered and vibrant bowl of halo-halo.

Their halo-halo is deifferent from the usual halo-halo. We usually see halo-halo with overloading ingredients, but this one is a minimalist. Their only ingredients are: fresh banana, mango, buko strips, corn, crushed ice, wafer stick, leche flan, ice cream, sprinkled with corn cereals and Graham crackers, finish with a slush of chocolate syrup.

Their halo-halo is just so heavenly. Why? Because instead of  crushing ice, they crush ice candy. How cool and sweet is that? Plus they put a generous amount of cream and condensed milk (Yes, condensed milk not evaporated milk.) as sweeteners. HARDCORE! The magic trick is to mix all the ingredients and eat it slowly. Eventually, the shaved ice candy, condensed milk and cream will liquefy slightly and turn into a sweet treat. A slushie slash melted sundae into a bowl. A surprisingly toothsome liquid mess. As soon as you take your first scoop of your halo-halo, your tastebuds will definitely be confused whether it is a halo-halo or a fruit salad. I can compare it to Razon's, but I must say my vote goes to Monbis. With a price of 65.00php compared to 92.00php of  Razon's, this halo-halo is by far my new favorite among all the halo-halo I've tasted.

So if you are craving for halo-halo or you just wanna give yourself a sweet treat, I highly recommend you try this halo-halo from Monbis. I am sure you will also have one hell of a halo-halotastic experience. BURP!