Friday, May 18, 2012

Terminologies.. A-MUST-READ!

WARNING: This entry contains words & images that are not suitable for children. PARENTAL GUIDANCE is RECOMMENDED.(MTRCB ikaw ba yan?)

Well I just wanted to see what everyone thought about this topic because everyone seems to think differently about it. 

This is about the difference between MAKING LOVE & SEX.

I think the constant misconception is that sex and making love are the same thing, but I tend to disagree with that notion and heres why: 

MAKING LOVE - You can only make love to someone you're in love with or possibly have love for. You usually have more of an emotional connection with that person which makes the love session that much better and possibly longer because its all about pleasing the person your in love with. 

SEX - Sex can be just with anyone whether you love them or not. Sex usually doesnt last as long as love making. This type of sex can have little emotional attachment to none at all. Sometimes its not always enjoyable because a person in a relationshop can just be giving their partner sex just because partner needs a "scratch" during that certain time and doesnt get any enjoyment out of it. LOL

FUBU (Fuck Buddy) - Is just like a friend with benefits type of thing or a one night stand or a No Strings Attached (NSA) relationship. Someone you meet for casual sex usually with no emotional attachment. 

QUICKIE - The infamous term that everyone knows.LOL.. is basically more like a quick fuck. self explanatory..ayt?

FUCKING- Is a more aggressive form of sex that can be done within a relationship or one night stand etc. For relationships it usually happens during or after an argument depending on how intense the argument was (LOL) usually called "make-up sex". For single people its basically SEX  just a little more aggressive. 

Hmm.. im sure there are so many more slang terms that im missing from this list but let me know what some other ones are and I'll add them on here. And just remember this is just my opinion on the meanings of this term; im not saying they're right, but its just how I see it.


  1. may nakalimutan ka.

    Momol tsaka cocol


    1. what the hell is that?? bilis,ano yan? ahahha..para maupdate ko terminologies ko..bwahahaha :)

    2. MOMOL - make out make out lang

      COCOL- coffe coffe lang (pero siyempre alam na yun noh)